Divorce Appraisal

Available Divorce Appraisal Services:

  • Dispute over value of Marital assets
  • Equalization of Separation
  • Expert witness in court when there are disputes on value

Starting a Divorce Claim in Provincial Court, or Superior Court - preparing and managing a Divorce can be a complicated and difficult procedure. In most Provinces, but each spouse is often entitled to some portion of all matrimonial property. The term is known as Equalization or the distribution of marital assets, requires a careful description and valuation of Vehicles, Boats, Furniture, Accessories, Jewelry, Antiques and other household items.

We can help by providing a detailed and descriptive inventory to accurately appraise all of your commonly held personal property. Your Divorce Lawyer will receive a thorough, objective report that meets the standards and guidelines of USPAP (uniform standards of professional appraisals practice), satisfies the requirements of Provincial Court ordered equitable Distribution / Equalization.