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Why should we wear masks?

As we are moving from the stay-at-home orders to reopening, more places including stores, public transit, school, etc. require the public to wear face masks to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

With schools in BC reopening on September 10, we know the safety of the children is on the top of everyone’s mind. As Dr. Theresa Tam and other experts say -, masks are a part of the “layers of protection” for our kids.

As responsible corporate citizens, we are willing to donate 2,000 colourful and 3,000 mono-colour masks to schools that are in need. The idea is that, with these colourful masks, kids are more willing to wear them and keep wearing them throughout the day.

Please contact us should you have this requirement at Telephone: +1 (604) 687-1888 or by E-mail:

Face masks are recommended by scientists, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Canada’s chief public health officer. The graphic below explains how face masks reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Source: Community Medical Centers (2020)




Which mask is the best?


According to a new research conducted by the scientists at Duke University, when comparing 14 types of masks, a surgical mask is the second most effective mask, after the N95 mask, when blocking droplets released by the person speaking.


Source: Fischer et al., Science Advances, 2020
Other masks function similarly when breathing in, but can gape when speaking and letting out unfiltered air. It does a bad job when protecting the other from the wearer, and fails one of the most important tasks - to reduce the spread.