Bailiff Appraisal

Available Bailiff Appraisal Services:

  • Distraining of Assets - Commercial Tenancies Act
  • Sale of Vehicles/Assets - Repair Storage Liens Act

In most cases when it comes to a Commercial or Industrial Tenant - A landlord can hire a Bailiff to seize and dispose of a tenant's property that is contained within the rented premises. The landlord is not required to give advance notice of seizing the tenant's property, unless the lease provides for it. However, Provincial Bailiffs are required to notify the tenant of the distress and the sum of monies required to cure the default before proceeding to sell the seized property.

Before disposing of seized property, the Bailiff must hold it for five days. If the proper payment is made by the tenant in this five day period, the Bailiff is not permitted to sell the tenant's property. Otherwise, after the Accredited Appraisals are made, the property can be sold. There must be 2 Independent Accredited Personal Property Appraisals done before liquidation of the assets can be sold. This is the Law in almost every Province.