Business Evaluation Appraisal

Available Business Evaluation Appraisal Services:

  • Machinery, Equipment, Goodwill
  • Values of tangible and intangible business assets
  • FMV - Fair Market Value for merging, loan request, raising capital, partnership or marital dissolution in Litigation or sale

Many clients are curious about the value, or how much your business may be worth in today's market. Most business owners do not know how to possibly value and price a business for sale; buying an existing business, research the possible market values before making an offer to purchase a business or a separation of partnership.  You will need a business or a company valuation for legal; partnership, estate, Revenue Canada tax or financial reasons.

Business Evaluation Appraisals, including machinery and equipment; client lists, logos, trademarks, inventory and Goodwill are included in a business evaluation or business appraisal. The appraisal is an all-inclusive business appraisal of tangible and intangible assets of the business and its potential to earn profits in the opinion of the evaluations of a business Appraisal Expert. If your company is not a public traded company, the business evaluation appraisal will require an Accredited Appraiser to compile the history of your company and apply the correct methodology that is compliant with government excepted rules and standards. If the business is being sold, acquired, merging, seeking a loan, raising capital, or is involved in the partnership or marital dissolution, a business evaluation appraisal will be desired by an Accredited Appraiser who is also an Expert Appraisal Witness.

If the purpose for your business appraisal (listed above) has the slightest chance of entering into litigation your business evaluation appraisal needs to be prepared by an Expert Appraisal Witness that is qualified by the court to irrefutability defend your business appraisal. Because the business evaluation appraisal is not a science, but an professional opinion of a qualified expert you must consider the Appraiser doing the business evaluation appraisal, and their expertise before choosing a Business Evaluation Appraiser.